Sakima McClInton - 1993年的班级

行政协调员/助理簿记员 - 农村和农村和农村部 - Poughkeepsie,NY



当我第一次毕业的时候我必须承认大部分关于这个地方的大部分思考是关于这个地方的思考和他们的多样性。拥有多种社区的财富信息,所有这些信息我仍然存在。然而,已经变老了我倾向于现在更多地反映奥克伍德的哲学,其使命以及它如何适合似乎是这样一个混乱的社会。 Oakwood朋友学校,由Quaker原则为指导,教育和加强年轻人的良心,同情和成就。学生在各种社区内体验着一个挑战的课程,致力于培养圣灵,学者,艺术家和每个人的运动员。作为母亲这些话共鸣。其他学校不仅关心你的学习,还担心你的同情和培养你的精神吗?我希望我的孩子是最好的自己不是一些饼干刀模型学生。

Looking back on my time at Oakwood that is exactly what they did for me. I came to Oakwood as an eager high school freshmen determined to get into The United States Military Academy, although this was not the ‘Quaker Way’. I spent four years at Oakwood where, instead of them telling me how my dreams were too big, not a right fit or unattainable, they taught me how to follow my passion, to be deliberate in my actions, to dream, to plan and execute, allowing me to become the First African American in New York State to graduate from West Point. Today I find myself working for Rural & Migrant Ministry, Inc. a not for profit organization that is founded on the principals of creating a just New York for all. We act to overcome the prejudices and poverty that degrade and debilitate people within rural New York by building communities that celebrate diversity, achieve true mutuality and fight for dignity and opportunity to all. So in reflecting, Oakwood gave me the safe space to not be afraid to take risks, stand up for myself, and be passionate. Oakwood allowed me the supportive environment to develop into a better me and for that I am forever grateful.